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How to Play Book of Ra Online if You Are a Beginner

If you are a beginner at Book of Ra online, there are a few tips you should follow when learning how to play the game correctly.


Start with the free games -- Every online casino hosting Book of Ra has games that are played with free tokens.


These games are a great way to get used to the gameplay, to practice your skills and practice playing different bets. All of this can be done while not chancing losing any of your money.


Start with bets on one to three paylines -- Book of Ra online allows you to bet on one, three, five, seven and nine paylines. Of course, the more lines you bet on the more money you are risking with every spin of the reels.


That is why most beginners should start by betting on no more than one or three paylines.


As you become used to how the spins play out, you can then increase the number of paylines you bet on until you are at the maximum amount of nine.


Gradually increase bets -- The amount you win is not just contingent on the number of paylines you bet on but also the amount you bet on each spin.


This is why you should begin with a low bet on each spin and then slowly increase it until you are at your maximum bet allowance. Once you hit the maximum allowance, you should see the amount you win increasing over time. If you begin to lose more than win, you can always reduce the amount you bet until you begin to win again. Learn more come visit


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